1. Order/Registration:

After you have filled out the order under "Products & Prices or Registration" you fax us the signed expression or send it by mail. Only after in-payment you have the possibility of logging in. The registration is, however, only possible for the person for whom the data management was ordered. The Data Manager is shown also under "Members & Projects". Under "Products & Prices" you also have the possibility of purchasing the entrance as Project Coordinator. This entrance is with costs only when an additional data sheet must be programmed.

2. Project Announcement:

You can enter your project data under "Project Announcement". You then push submit and your project number appears. You find this project number also under the "add data", if special data-sheet was programmed. If a partner agree in participating a your project, please send us an e-mail in order to release the participation of full-filling the special data-sheet. The project appears under "Members & Projects".

3. Subuser:
You can create a Subuser under "Admin".

4. Pat.-ID:

After entering data under "Anamnesis data" a Pat.-ID will be created with respect to protection of data privacy. Please note down separately this Pat.-ID.

5. Data-Output:

Under "Output" you can see all your data in an Excel file. If you click no "0" will appear in the Excel file, for yes "1".

6. Agenda:

Under "Agenda" you find an appointment planner.

7. Free testing

With -- user: tester and password: tester -- you have the possibility to test the database and learn more about the functionality.